What Should You Avoid Doing After a Lip Filler Injection?

Lip Filler Injection

Lip fillers injection that make the lips look plumper and fuller. Dermal fillers are a more broad term for them. Lip filler treatment takes only a few minutes and is minimally invasive. However, the treatment is not durable, and you will require periodic injections to preserve the lip fullness created by the filler.


After the treatment, you may have swelling, pain, and bruising, but these should be minimal adverse effects. While lip injections are a quick and painless cosmetic procedure (particularly when compared to plastic surgery), there are certain do’s and don’ts following a filler treatment. To achieve the finest results from your new lips, follow these lip filler aftercare guidelines and avoid a few important items.

Don’ts After Lip Filler

Lips are very sensitive areas of the body. After the lip filler treatment, you must stay away from certain things to complete the treatment. You should only be applying something to your lips if your doctor has instructed you to do so. You must take care of every instruction that your physician guides.


You have to eat certain foods as guided by your doctor. You have to avoid smoking and drinking to keep your treatment safe. You can shower after the lip filler injection, but you must clean your face to avoid infections. You must also avoid exercises for 1 to 2 days, especially after the injection. Let’s discuss in more detail what should not be done after injection.

  • Can you Eat After Lip Fillers?

If you have a numbing treatment, wait until the numbness has gone off before eating. Eating while numb can be unpleasant and risky, but the numbness should fade off in a couple of hours or less. Avoid sticky or difficult-to-eat meals. Stick to simple food items to keep your face clean, and avoid touching or cleaning it. 

You should also avoid overly extending or pursing your lips. It is also advised to avoid meals that are too salty or spicy. Salty or spicy meals might irritate your lips, causing you to touch or massage them. Do you want your lips to be more attractive? Can you handle the instructions after the lip filler injection? Then get in touch with lip fillers Dubai and get your treatment today!

  • Avoid Smoking or Drinking

It is advised to refrain from consuming alcohol or smoking for at least 24 hours after receiving lip fillers. Because alcohol thins the blood, it increases the probability of bruising, irritation, and edoema. Consuming alcohol can also dehydrate you, so take plenty of water and remain hydrated after receiving lip filler.

It has been demonstrated that smoking increases the risk of infection after receiving lip fillers; thus, it should be avoided. Smoking also triggers your lips to pucker, which can cause pressure and pain following injections. Stop smoking for 24 hours after receiving lip fillers.

  • Can you Shower After Lip Fillers?

Showering is not prohibited after receiving lip filler injections. To reduce the chance of infection, keep your face clean. Use mild, unscented skincare and cleaning products. When washing around your face, use caution. Exfoliation products should be avoided. When bathing, avoid touching your lips directly.

Hot temperatures should be avoided. Shower with lukewarm water and avoid steam rooms, saunas, or hot tubs. Hot temperatures can elevate blood flow and pressure, causing swelling and bruising to worsen. Sweating can also cause lip irritation.

  • Avoid Exercise

Rigorous exercising should be avoided for 24 to 48 hours following lip filler treatment. Increased exercise and body temperature increase blood flow to the lip region, increasing swelling, bruising, or pain. Sweating during exercise can transfer germs into the lip region, increasing the risk of infection at injection sites.

If you must work out within the first day or two after obtaining lip fillers, try to limit yourself to gentle exercise such as walking. To avoid the heat, try to work out early in the morning, late in the evening, or in an air-conditioned environment.

  • Can you Take Painkillers After Lip Filler?

Pain relievers such as Tylenol are commonly used to treat pain or edoema caused by lip filler. NSAID pain medications, such as ibuprofen or Motrin, should be avoided since they also serve as blood thinners, increasing bruising and edoema.

Arnica cream can help reduce bruising in the treated region. Vitamin E supplements might aggravate bruising and should be avoided for a few days after injection. Can you take care of all the above instructions after the lip filler injection? Do you want to make your lips attractive? Then get in touch with out professional team in dubai and start your treatment today!

Get Your Lip Fillers Today!

Getting lip fillers injection is not a complex treatment. You will get periodic lip filler injections as the treatment goes on. After the injection, you need to take care of a few instructions as your doctor guides you. So, what are you waiting for? Contact lip filler treatment providers and get your treat today! Enhance your lips and look amazing.

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