FILMART 2022 – Hong Kong International Film and TV Market

Hong Kong International Film and TV Market

What is FILMART?

FILMART is the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market, which is a leading film and television market in Asia. FILMART provides a platform for film and television professionals to network, co-produce and find financing for new projects. The market also showcases the latest films, television programmes and digital content from around the world.
FILMART is held annually in March and is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Why Should I Attend FILMART?

There are many good reasons to attend the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART). Here are some of the most important ones:

1. To learn about the latest trends in the film and TV industry in Asia
2. To meet with leading industry professionals from all over the world
3. To network and make valuable contacts
4. To see a wide range of new films and TV programs from Asia
5. To find out about financing, co-production and distribution opportunities
6. To attend seminars, workshops and conferences on a variety of topics related to the film and TV industry
7. To discover potential new partners and investment opportunities
8. To gain valuable insights into the Asian film and TV market
9. To find out about the latest technologies in production, post-production, VFX and distribution
10. To explore new markets for your films and TV programs in Asia

Who Attends FILMART?

影視展 is one of the most important film and television markets in Asia. It is a platform for international film and TV professionals to meet, network and do business. Attendees include buyers and sellers of film and TV rights, producers, directors, distributors, financing institutions, government agencies and media representatives.
The event is attended by thousands of industry professionals from more than 60 countries and regions.

A Day in the Life at FILMART

1. A Day in the Life at FILMART

It’s 9am as the sun rises over Hong Kong and the team at FILMART are getting ready for another busy day. The market is open from 10am-6pm, with a break for lunch from 1-2pm, and there’s always something going on.

At FILMART, you’ll find a wide range of film and TV professionals, from directors and producers to sales agents and distributors. There’s a buzz in the air as deals are being made and projects are being developed.

The market is a great place to network and meet new people, as well as catch up with old friends. You never know who you might bump into or what exciting opportunities might come your way.

So whatever you do, make sure you enjoy every minute of your time at FILMART!
2. At 10am, the market kicks off and it’s time to get down to business. Browse the stalls, talk to exhibitors, watch screenings and attend seminars. You can also check out the latest industry news in the press room or drop by one of the many industry facilities available.

3. At lunchtime, take a break from all the hustle and bustle of FILMART with a quick bite at one of the many food stalls dotted around the hall. Or perhaps you’d prefer something more relaxing like a massage or foot reflexology?

4. In the afternoon, visit some of Hong Kong’s most iconic attractions – from Victoria Peak to Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade – while taking in some spectacular views of this vibrant city.

5. As dusk approaches, it’s time to head back to FILMART for more networking and deal-making opportunities before closing time at 6pm. Then you can grab dinner with colleagues or head home for some well-deserved rest after a full day of work!


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