How Do You Get A Pre Departure Covid Test?

How Do You Get A Pre Departure Covid Test?

The travelling patterns have changed after the exposure to Covid-19. If you have planned to travel to another country, you will have to conduct the pre-departure covid test. It is a pre-departure rapid antigen test for which we use another term LFD. The UK government made this test mandatory on December 7, 21. Please distinguish the word from the Day-2 PCR Test because it is entirely different. Let’s read about it in detail.

What is LFD?

LFD is a Lateral Flow Device; other names for the same concept are Lateral Flow Test (LFT), Rapid Test, and Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay. The simplest and quickest test catches the presence of targeted material, such as the Covid-19 antigen, in a liquid sample. Medical experts are using this technology in the diagnosis of Covid-19. It shows results like a pregnancy stick and only takes 15-30 minutes to present accurate results. Book a pre-departure covid test from Official Rapid Tests if your plane is departing soon.

1. Order Test Kit Online

Visit the online website of Official Rapid Tests, register yourself, pay the bill, and order the LFD kit. They will deliver your kit to your doorstep with flawless and fast delivery services.

2.  Conduct Test

Receive your LFD kit and run Rapid Antigen Test using the following steps. The complete guide is also available on the website of Official Rapid Tests.

  1. Open the kit with clean hands.
  2. Rub the swab into your nose or throat.
  3. Dip the used swab into a liquid tube.
  4. Remove the swab from a liquid tube.
  5. Put some drops of liquid in the pool of the testing machine.
  6. Observe pre departure covid test

3.  Submit Results

Whether you observe double lines or a single line, please take a picture of the machine and send it to the Official Rapid Tests along with your passport picture.

4. Receive Your Certificate

After a few minutes, the Official Rapid Tests will send you an E-mail with an attachment of your Covid-19 certificate. Now, with negative results, you can freely migrate to another country.

Does LFD Give Accurate Results?

Many types of tests can diagnose the presence of Covid-19 in the human body. The fastest type is pre departure covid test (LFD). Also, it gives 99% accurate results within half an hour. It would be best if you trusted LFD before leaving your country.

Why Book Pre Departure Test from Official Rapid Tests Only?

During a pandemic, going outside is toxic for you and your near ones. If your immune system is robust, you can still work as a vehicle for Covid-19.   And if you need pre departure covid test, be calm and visit the online website of Official Rapid Tests from your comfort zone. You can book any Covid-19 detecting tests, including LFD or LFT, from Official Rapid Tests. Their prices are affordable for all the classes, and they do not demand you to visit their centres personally. Also, you must trust their services because they are among the top UK Government Listed Providers.

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