How To Use Instagram And Facebook Live For Brands?

Instagram And Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are two platforms that are popular among the audience. Today social media is becoming a part of brands’ marketing and promotional strategy and these platforms bring brands closer to their audience. Videos are current;y in trend on almost all social media platforms. Videos are more fun and engaging and brands can convey their message easily with the help of video content that is the reason even live streaming is becoming popular among the brands. 

With live streaming features that Facebook and Instagram offer brands can reach their target audience. These platforms offer affordable live streaming for events and they are becoming a popular choice for a lot of brands and businesses. 

How To Use Instagram & Facebook live 

Here is how you can make the most of your facebook and Instagram live for the brands: 

1. Engage With Your Audience 

There are various live-streaming platforms available in the industry and Facebook & Instagram are among them. These platforms offer affordable live-streaming services to all brands. With live streaming, brands can engage with their Facebook & Instagram audience. Engagement is necessary for the brands. Brands always want to stay in touch with their audience and with the help of live-streaming services offered by these platforms they can easily engage with their audience. 

These platforms offer engagement features like a chatbox for real-time chatting during the live stream, like, and reactions for engaging. Livestreaming is the easiest way to engage with the audience. 

2. Promotions 

Certain live streaming service providers offer features like microsites and landing pages for the promotion of live streams or events but that is not required when it comes to Facebook & Instagram. With Facebook and Instagram, you can promote your event and live stream for the event too. With live streaming, you can promote your brand. You can use your Facebook wall to post about the live-streaming session and you can also use the countdown feature of Instagram. Both platforms offer story features so posting a regular story regarding the brand and event can help with promotion. Both platforms offer free promotion options. 

3. Collecting Feedback 

The brand can use Facebook and Instagram live streaming for quick feedback collection. Both these platforms are powerful and used by a lot of individuals so it was easy to collect feedback through the live stream. Brands can host a live-streaming session after the event to know the audience’s perspective after the event. The attendees of the event can talk about their event experiences, you can host a question and answer session for collecting feedback during live streaming from your audience. 

Feedback is necessary and what’s better than your audience direct;y talking about their experience in the live stream?

4. Collaborations 

Brands can use Facebook and Instagram live for collaborating with industry experts and influencers. Today influencer marketing is popular on Instagram and Facebook. A lot of brands approach influences for sponsorships and collaboration because these influences have a strong and genuine audience base. 

Brands find it profitable to collaborate with these influences and with the help of live streaming services offered by both Facebook and Instagram they can collaborate with these influences and industry experts. They can make influencers part of their live stream in this way they will be able to reach a wider audience because with a collaborative live stream they will be able to attract the influencer’s audience too.

5. Sharing Behind The Scenes 

Today’s audience on Instagram and Facebook wants to see unedited and raw content. Authenticity is being appreciated on these platforms so many brands like to share the behind-the-scenes from events or other preps regarding the brand. 

Sharing behind the scenes will help brands connect with the audience in a better way. Behind the scenes will engage them and you can tell a story of your brand with it. With live streaming, you can share event preparations and other details. Try to create buzz among the audience. 

6. Product Launch

Product launch is the popular way in which brands can use Instagram and Facebook live. If you are looking for low-budget live streaming for events like product launches these platforms are perfect for it. With the help of Instagram and Facebook, you can launch a product and offer product demonstrations. These platforms offer engagement features with which the audience can connect with the organizer during the launch session. 

The Bottom Line 

Social media is evolving and brands and businesses are benefiting from it. With so many promotional features and marketing tools that are available in the market brands can create a robust social media strategy. Brands are not missing out on social media marketing; they are making strategies for creating an impact on the audience. 

If you want to use social media for your brand, above mentioned live streaming tips can help you in learning how you can use the most powerful tool of social media, live streaming to create a lasting impact for the brand. 

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