What is an interpreting info port?

interpreting info port

1. Introduction Infoport

If you are planning events for which you need interpreting services (oral translation) and you do not yet know what an Infoport is, then it is high time that you discovered all the possibilities of interpreting. Don’t get left behind, at Legal Service Translation (LST) we’ll explain everything to you from the start. 

If your company regularly interprets events, you are probably already familiar with interpreting booths, and desks or perhaps you have even used long-distance interpreting services. The Infoport system is also a very useful tool for events with interpretation, even outdoors

Do you already know what I’m getting at? No? Then we’ll take a closer look.

2. Infoport system

When we talk about an Infoport system, we mean a wireless audio system that works by radio, similar to tourist guides. This system was originally developed for tourist guides and audio guides in museums. 

It basically consists of a microphone and several receivers or headphones. This allows the guide to speak into the microphone and visitors to hear what is being said through the receivers or headphones. It is therefore a very lightweight and easy-to-use system

But what does the Infoport system have to do with interpreting (oral translation)? This solution is also suitable for interpreting for small groups of people, both indoors and outdoors (visits to factories and production sites, trade fairs, business meetings, etc.). 

The idea is to create a channel through which the participants can hear the interpretation. Once the channel is activated, nothing more needs to be done. The interpreter listens to the speaker in the original and at the same time translates everything that the speaker says into another language. 

In short, we are talking about the ideal solution for your outdoor events.

3. Advantages of the Info port system 

Now that you know what an Info port system is, let’s take a look at the benefits this solution offers us: 

  • Efficient and cost-effective solution 
  • Lightweight and easy-to-transport system 
  • Good sound quality 
  • Possibility to synchronize other interpreting cases 

It is an effective and economical solution as you can save on the cost of the best certified interpretersbooths and everything that goes with them. In addition, this system is lightweight and easy to transport, since all the equipment fits in a small suitcase. 

The sound quality of the info port systems even enables outdoor performances, as most of the background noise can be suppressed. 

Although the Info port system is in principle intended for a maximum of 20 participants, since the case only contains one microphone and 20 receivers, it is possible to synchronize several police and CPS interpretation cases so that more people can participate. That turns a disadvantage into an advantage. 

  1. Disadvantages of the Info port system 
  • Possible interference problems
  • Only one language per system 
  • Limited range 
  • Limited battery life 

Being a wireless system, there may be some interference issues at some point, but nothing that couldn’t happen with other tech devices as well. 

Also, the Info port system is only synced to one microphone, so you cannot interpret in more than one language. 

Other disadvantages of this system are the range (approx. 100 m outdoors and approx. 50 m indoors) and the battery life is unfortunately not infinite either. 

  1. Conclusion 

Having collected all this information, we can say that the Info port system is an ideal solution for events that require a certain degree of mobility (visits to factories, production sites, etc.). However, for larger events, it is still better to use the traditional interpreter booth

Whatever the nature of your event, we at Legal Service Translation (LST) always recommend exploring all options beforehand, as there’s a good chance you can host your event with this system. So do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss together which interpreting system is most suitable for your event.

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