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Dichondra Silver Falls

Dichondra argentea, more often called Dichondra silver falls or just “Silver Falls,” is one of the most popular houseplants and garden plants. Its leaves are in the shape of a heart and are uniquely silvery pale green. As it grows in a long trail and covers the ground, this beautiful plant can be used in many ways to decorate your home or garden. If you also want to decorate your home with this browser on the internet by the plant nursery near me, buy Dichondra silver falls. Keep on reading to know how this plant grows and maintains……

What is Dichondra Silver Falls?

The common name for Dichondra argentea, a herbaceous perennial with evergreen leaves, is Silver Falls. It can be grown outside in zone 10 as a low ground cover or as a plant that grows over the edge of a raised bed or container. Because of its trailing leaves, it is often used in hanging baskets. The leaves are a unique silvery pale green colour, which is where the name Dichondra Falls comes from. The flowers aren’t very noticeable, and the leaves are the real reason to grow this plant. It is also liked for how quickly and vigorously it grows and covers an area and how little care it needs.

How to Grow a Dichondra Silver Falls Plant?


Silver Falls Dichondra loves bright sun..! Usually, because this plant likes to be in the sun, it is recommended you only use it outside. However, if you have a wide window letting your plant get lots of sun, you can keep it inside.


This silver lady will grow well in warm, dry conditions. When it’s cold outside? It will slow down the plant’s growth, but since it can handle frost, you don’t have to worry about it dying.


As you read above, Dichondra silver falls grow best in dry places. So, when you water them, try to let the top of the soil dry out before you water them again, and give them a place with good drainage.


Give them a slow-release fertiliser in the spring and summer to help them grow, and that’s about how often you should do it.

How to Decorate Your Garden And Home With Dichondra Silver Falls?

There are many ways to use Dichondra falls to make your home or garden look nicer. As it is a ground cover plant, you can plant it along a driveway or garden bed to cover the ground or plant it along a garden bed at an angle and let it grow and fall over the wall.

On the other hand, you can plant it in a pot with a feature plant or put it in a hanging basket and enjoy the way it falls.

How to Maintain Dichondra Silver Falls?

You can make your silver falls look nice if you do everything on the list at the top. But if you want a little more information, it is recommended that when you grow silver falls, the leaves will dry out, or the stem and leaves will turn black.

If it looks like it’s getting dry, they need more water, so give them enough. But if the soil is too dry, put the plant in its pot and submerge it in water for a while until everything is wet.

On the other hand, if the plant is turning black, what should you do? It means that your plant has gotten too much water and is starting to die. If that’s the case, they won’t need water very often.

When you grow a Dichondra Silver Falls plant indoors, you’ll get lots of silvery leaves that hang down. Find a place in your home where it can shine. You can enjoy the trailing vines of your Silver Falls plant in a basket hanging from the ceiling or a pot on a tall table

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