What are the ways to get penile extension without any side effect?


It is common for men to believe that their penis is usually shorter than the average penis size, and they tend to wonder if they will ever have a great sexual life. But, this is incorrect since most men have penis sizes above average. The only condition where the man’s penis size is considered small is micropenis, a rare condition.

The high exposure to adult content and unrealistic opinions about penis size and sex have led men to use various penile extension techniques to enlarge their penis. Before trying any of these things, men must understand properly when to opt for such things and the side effects of choosing the wrong products. This blog will discuss the various penis extension methods, including lotions, pills, creams, penile traction devices, and penis enlargement surgery. 

What Is Penis Extension?

Penis extension or penis enlargement refers to increasing the penis length or penis girth. So men usually opt for such techniques because they prefer a longer penis. In medical cases, penis enlargement may be necessary, but that’s rare. 

Some of the primary reasons they take penis extension or penile enlargement operations are:

  • Microphallus: Microphallus is an unusually tiny penis associated with hypospadias.
  • Peyronie’s disease: Peyronie’s disease is a disorder in which the penis suddenly develops an irregular curvature.  At the point of the bend, fibrosis (scarring) may induce penile shortening and narrowing, as well as unpleasant erections or erectile dysfunction.

Some individuals with larger-than-average penises have an obsessive focus on their penis length. Moreover, when the obsession interferes with the individual’s daily life, it is called penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD). So psychological therapy may be more beneficial for this condition than penile enlargement.

How Do Men Harm Themselves With Wrong Penile Extension Treatment?

Penile enlargement oil and cream, penile enlargement vitamins, and pills are among the most prevalent fraudulent and harmful treatments that circulate and are actively marketed on the Internet.

These ineffectual items include basic substances, such as complex carbohydrates or vitamins. Some “advanced” preparations may also include PDE-5 inhibitors or other medications used to treat impotence. So these products may cause a more robust erection, producing the appearance of a larger penis. 

However, they are often less effective than regular erection-inducing tablets and are manufactured in uncontrolled facilities, making them potentially dangerous owing to inadequate manufacturing regulations. 

Additionally, erection-inducing tablets are not for everyone. Moreover, if any individual with any underlying health condition takes these pills for penile extension, it might prove fatal.

Moreover, getting potentially harmful goods is not necessary at all if you desire harder erections since several treatment alternatives and drugs may help you do this.

What Is The Right Way To Get The Treatment For Penile Extension?

As stated earlier, men believe their penises are shorter, but that isn’t the case. Yet, if you face trouble while having sex, other issues might contribute to this problem. Hence, the right way to get treatment is first to detect the underlying problem and then opt for the correct treatment. 

If you have weaker erections or trouble getting erections, then it might be due to erectile dysfunction. The doctor might suggest the appropriate diagnostic process and medications in that case. They might recommend vacuum devices, penile shots, or pills to induce erections. But these won’t help you to increase your penis size. 

Another condition that might cause trouble with erection, get you a painful erection, make your penis bend and lead to a decrease in its size is Peyronie’s disease. So depending on the diagnosis and symptoms, the doctor might recommend surgery for penis enlargement or prescribe a penile traction device. A penile traction device is among the most effective non-surgical approach for penile extension. Below, we will discuss penis enlargement surgery.

The Best Sexologist In India To Get Penile Enlargement Surgery in India

Some individuals with penises seek injections of synthetic and natural fillers to enlarge their penises. Others seek surgical intervention if a smaller penis size or penile deformity impedes their urination capacity.

In most cases, small penis size is not a reason for surgical infertility treatment. In such situations, assisted fertility methods may be preferable. Various surgical procedures may enhance the look and size of the penis. Only the right sexologist can suggest the right surgery for the penile extension.

If some conditions force you to opt for penis enlargement surgery, then you can consider Dr. Chirag Bhandari – the best sexologist in India. Dr. Bhandari has years of experience treating male sexual problems and helping people get positive outcomes. He also has expertise in penis enlargement surgery and has completed several surgeries.


A penile extension is not a necessary process. While penises cannot generally get bigger, a penis that is diminishing may indicate a significant medical condition. In such cases, contact your sexologist immediately. read more exciting article on magazinevalley

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